Van Racks & Shelving

SW Van Racking provides a professional service that can help get your van organised. All Van racking is built to the customer’s Specification, using materials such as plywood and MDF.  End panels are scribed to the shape of your van to maximise usable space and make a professional looking job. Shelving is designed around your tools. SW Van Racking can get your Van looking professional and make life easier for you. We offer a quality bespoke service at a good price when compared with other ‘off the shelf’ products found online. Van racking does not have to be expensive; it keeps your van smart, tidy, safe and pleasant to be in.

Why chose SW Van Racking?

  • Excellent value for money
  • High-quality workmanship
  • Built to your specification
  • Honest and reliable firm
  • Great customer service

Why are we excellent value for money?

  • We only use high-quality materials
  • Our solutions are made to measure so maximising space usage
  • Built to your specification
  • Reliable quality carpenter

SW Van Racking will give you a solution for your van and trade.  We will provide you with a great affordable service that will meet your needs and we only use quality materials and fixings. We have found solutions for many clients so we have a wide knowledge and solutions for you.  We Pride ourselves in providing high standards of workmanship and personal solutions.